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Restoration Prayers Ministry is design to strengthen the hearts of people. We are prayer warriors of purpose, and uses the word of God as the final authority. We are lead by the Holy Spirit to demonstrate healing, deliverance, bind up the broken in heart, and set captives free. Our focus is to pray until strongholds of our cities is broken. We will pray until the old wastes be rebuild, former desolations be raised, and desolations of many generations be restored.                  


 To get like-minded intercessors/people to build a community of prayer all over the world. Our focus is to pray until the strongholds of our cities are broken. We will pray until the old wastes are rebuilt, former desolations are raised, waste cities be repaired and desolations of many generations be restored. Isa. 61:1-4


We believe in the Father, The Son, & Holy Spirit
We believe in the death, burial, and the resurrection
We believe that Jesus is Lord
We believe in the baptism of the holy spirit and with fire
We believe in covenant relationships
We believe that man shall always pray
We believe that the Lord house shall be called the House of Prayer
We believe in the Apostolic, Evangelistic and Prophetic ministry


Tee Henry is the visionary of Restoration Prayers Ministry. She has a Prophetic Grace for preaching and teaching God's word. Her love for prayer has opened up many doors to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Now is the set time for visitation and the presence of God's anointed vessel to come forth.